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Optin Investor: Golfer and his Golf Club You are pre-qualified to receive a set of Warrior Custom Golf clubs custom built for you risk free*.

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Warrior Golfers Listen Up!

You have been pre-approved to experience next year's Warrior Custom Golf technology today Risk Free*!!!

You are pre-qualified to receive a set of Warrior Custom Golf clubs custom built for you risk free*. They are built by Warrior Custom Golf, the world's leading custom club builder. Come experience the difference these Warrior Custom Golf clubs will have upon your game. This is a special offer and it is reserved just for you. Warrior Custom Golf Tomahawk drivers feature Maximum Cone-Shape Technology to drive your Warrior Custom Golf balls farther and straighter than any other golf driver in the market. Warrior Custom Golf Tomahawk fairway woods are your new weapon of choice from the tee or anywhere on the fairway. We think you will agree that Warrior Custom Golf Tomahawk Plus irons are the easiest irons you will ever hit. Warrior Custom Golf Tomahawk hybrids combine the best characteristics between Warrior Custom Golf fairway woods and short irons into one golf club. Experience the difference a great set of clubs will make on your game. Call 1-800-600-5113 for this amazing deal!

If you are an amateur golfer and are willing to provide us with a complete performance evaluation of our new Warrior Custom Golf clubs, you may qualify to receive a set of Warrior Golf Clubs custom built for you, risk free*

As you probably know, this program entitles you to preview and play some of next year's most advanced Warrior Custom Golf club technology before it is released to the general public. Obviously our Research and Development department requires your honest evaluation of the Warrior Custom Golf equipment you will receive. Call us for all the details ASAP at 1-800-600-5113.

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